As I traverse the western web, looking for the good stuff, I have found that it can be quite stressful. I have recently been diagnosed with a couple of mental disorders, and looking for peace of mind on the web can be few and far between. I am now dedicating time and effort to not only reducing my own stress levels, but to helping YOU also reduce stress by centralizing information relative to everyday life HERE on this website!


Please, select a Top-level Category below that interests you and explore relative information aimed at helping you here and now, as well as navigate around the web with less stress.

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One of my goals by creating this evolving resource directory is to help as many people as I possibly can get the right kind of info that will help everyday life. There, for sure, is a lot of nonsense on the web with content that isn’t direct in information. My policy is a no-nonsense approach, and to always be family-oriented.

I am here to serve!